During my recent, and fairly turbulent pregnancy I often sought her support and guidance (especially when faced with news that I had to have a c-section). And always left our conversations feeling empowered to accept and submit to what my journey had in store!

— Ashley, London

Aquila was exactly the support we needed during the birth of our second child. She gave us the confidence to approach our son’s birth not with anxiety but with joy and anticipation. The birth of our son was one of the most empowering and emotional moments in my life and It was the support from my doula that made all the difference. I couldn’t imagine having another baby without Aquila by my side.

— Tamara, Dorset

Aquila was the strong, caring support I had only dreamed of finding. Both before & after the birth of my son, she nurtured me to believe I could be a great mum, especially after the difficult pregnancy I had had. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

— Philly, Dorset